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Roy & Harold Sellin

In 1947, twin brothers, Harold and Roy Sellin, launched their dream of owning a road building business together. This company, Sellin Brothers, Inc., got its start on a farm southeast of Hawley, Minnesota. In 1940, an estimated 60% of American families owned vehicles, and by 1960 that number grew to 80%. Quality roads helped people escape their own cities, towns, or farms, and experience a little bit more of what America had to offer. In 1953, Roy and Harold determined that the time was ripe to focus their efforts on expanding their presence in the road construction and earth moving industries. They relocated the business to its present location, which can be seen from U.S. Highway 10, in Hawley.

By concentrating on performing skillful work and treating their clients with honor and integrity, Harold and Roy watched Sellin Brothers, Inc. experience steady growth. Word got around that the Sellin brothers would tackle jobs that most other road construction companies wouldn’t even consider, and they’d do those jobs well and finish them on time. As a result, the brothers found themselves searching for employees who shared their values.

In 1978, Sellin Brothers, Inc. saw the need for a reliable buried utilities installer in West Central Minnesota, and they expanded to include an underground division. This division still specializes in sewer, water, and storm sewer utilities installation, and also serves Eastern North Dakota. By 1981, we had outgrown our facilities and constructed a spacious new shop to better meet the needs of our clients.

Sellin Brothers, Inc. continued to grow with 2003 bringing more expansion and the construction of a wash bay, cold storage facility, and a “boneyard,” and in 2016 Sellin Brothers, Inc. added what we refer to as “The Barn.” We currently employ around 60 people during our seasonal peak, between April and November. The off season is spent plowing snow and preparing for the following construction season.

We offer these examples as a testimony to what our continued commitment to Harold’s and Roy’s core values have wrought. Similar to what Samuel Goldwyn once said, the harder we worked, the luckier we got.

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