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Hawley, MN

Prairie Hills Addition

Hawley Prairie Hills Estates 5th Addition will add 21 new residential lots on the north edge of town to remedy the need for additional housing in this growing community.  We will need to add sanitary and water systems to service the additional lots.  The current streets are being extended to service these lots as well.

Detroit Lakes, MN

Willow Street Project

Detroit Lakes Willow Street project from Cheryl Ave to west of Washington Ave, Holmes Street from Washington Street to West of McKinley Ave and Frazee Street from Washington Ave to McKinley Ave.  SBI is updating the water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer as well as curb and gutter and paving.  Targeted completion date is September of 2022.

Wahpeton, ND

Sanitary Sewer

Sellin Brothers Inc. has two new projects in Wahpeton this year. SBI is reconstructing four blocks of Downtown Wahpeton. We are making updates to the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water systems. Once the underground is installed, we will be restoring the streets, followed by sidewalk, landscaping, new lights, and signs. Similarly, along 8th Avenue North, we are replacing the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and watermain from 2nd St to 11th St. 8th Ave will be restored and asphalt paved after the underground is completed. All in all, once these projects are complete, the City of Wahpeton will have major updates to their sanitary and water systems serving residents.

Becker County, MN

Highland Drive

This project will consist of improvements to the road from Randolph Rd to State Highway 34.  There will be drainage improvements, widening and resurfacing of the road. The majority of the project work was completed in 2022, with some minor work remaining for the 2023 season. 

Dilworth, MN

7th Street Upgrades

The goal of this project was to convert 7th St NE from a rural street with ditches for drainage to a city street section complete with curb & gutter and a new storm sewer system.  In addition to the street and storm sewer improvements, the sanitary sewer and water systems were extended and repaired throughout the project.  An existing ten foot wide concrete multi use path installed by SBI in the summer of 2014 was also extended within this project.  The path extension gives pedestrians a safe walkway from Hwy 10 to Summerwood Trail near the north end of this mile long road project.

Barnesville, MN

Trunk Highway 9

This project is a complete reconstruction of Front Street from HWY 9 to HWY 34, including sewer, water, storm sewer, driveways, decorative concrete, and lighting improvements.  It will include the addition of turn lanes on HWY 9 north of HWY 34 along with a mill/ overlay of HWY 9.  This project has a very tight timeline and will require a lot of resources to complete. 

Glyndon, MN

Parke Avenue

This is a project to improve the intersection of Highway 10 and Park Ave in Glyndon.  Semis have a difficult time turning southbound onto Park Ave with the current configuration.  The Southwest corner of the intersection will be removed and replaced creating more space for turning.  The intersection signal system will also improved upon.  This project will begin during the 2023 season and is projected to be complete in the summer.

Ada, MN


In some situations the most viable option to remedy an outdated sanitary sewer system is not to replace the pipe via traditional open cut excavation.  The City of Ada has elected to have their system improved by the use of cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining technology.  Certain isolated problem areas will need to be excavated and repaired externally prior to the installation of the CIPP liner.  By utilizing these methods the city will be left with essentially a brand new sanitary sewer system with minimal pavement restoration.

Hunter, ND

Water & Sanitary Project

The City of Hunter has two sanitary manholes that have been slowly sinking over time.  This project seeks to remedy the situation by replacing these manholes with additional precautions to avoid this situation in the future.  Helical piles will be installed beneath the new manholes to give additional support that the local soils cannot.

Valley City, ND

Water & Sanitary Project

We have been subcontracted to replace the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and watermain.  This project will replace about 3 blocks worth of pipe.  The systems in this area service both residential and commercial properties.  Once all the underground utilities are replaced, Sellin Brothers will turn the site over to the prime contractor to restore the roads.

Hawley, MN

School Expansion

The Hawley School District is undergoing renovations and adding additions to both the high school and elementary school.  SBI has been contracted to complete all exterior improvements ranging from utility installations/relocations to site grading and paving to footing excavation and backfill.  These improvements will add classroom, office, and storage spaces.

Winger, MN

Sanitary Sewer

Rural Development funded a reconstruction project for Winger, MN to get up to 11,000 feet of sanitary sewer replacement and restoration.  We also will be adding in a lift station and lagoon improvements that will help maintain the infrastructure of the town.  This will provide better services to the whole town and help its systems longevity. 

Dazey, ND

Sanitary Sewer

Sometimes for small towns, little fixes make a huge difference.  We are helping Dazey residents by repairing the manholes that service the town and some spot repairs on their sanitary sewer system.  This will improve the flow of sanitary flow throughout the whole town without the need to do a complete remodel at this time.  

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