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Detroit Lakes Willow Street project from Cheryl Ave to west of Washington Ave, Holmes Street from Washington Street to West of McKinley Ave and Frazee Street from Washington Ave to McKinley Ave.  SBI is updating the water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer as well as curb and gutter and paving.  Targeted completion date is September of 2022.

Fargo, ND 
storm sewer & lift station

This project has been identified as being necessary to allow the proposed 1% annual chance flood level (37-foot river gage height) to pass through Fargo, without any emergency measures, once the Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Project (Diversion) is completed. Prior to the Diversion being completed, this project will also reduce the need for emergency levees during spring flood events.

HENNING, MN  Sanitary sewer and utility project

Our Henning MN project consists of the reconstruction of underground utility within a portion of the 2nd Street corridor.  Project includes sanitary sewer, water distribution, storm sewer collection infrastructure, street paving, sidewalk, curb and gutter improvements


This project includes demo cell excavation. 

VALLEY CITY, ND  Lift & Sewer Projects

Multiple projects including replacement of existing outdated lift station systems, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main replacement as well as paving.  New lift station installation was fast-tracked and required 24/ 7 sewage bypass during the work.  System was back online in 3 weeks after project start.   


Wahpeton, ND

Sanitary sewer

The Wahpeton East Side Sanitary Sewer Project has our crews installing 18″opencut sanitary sewer mainline and force main bores after removal of the old. Restoration will include a new bike path along 16th Avenue after all sewer has been installed.

Barnesville, MN  Secondary Cell Reconstruction

The Barnesville Secondary Cell #2 reconstruction project consists of restoring an existing 9.5 acre sewage cell by excavating approximately 20,000 cy of biosolids and existing clay liner material, installing a new PVC liner with clay cover material. The cell will be topped off with new riprap and a new gravel access road around the perimeter.

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Battle LAKE, MN


This project consists of a full utility reconstruct of Lake Shore Drive and North Shore Drive along the lake shore of West Battle Lake as well as new water main loop that will service Lake Shore Drive and North Shore Drive. Altogether, nearly 17,000 LF of water main and 8,300 LF of sewer main will be installed/replaced to service approximately 160 homes. After completion of these utility installations, Lake Shore Drive and North Shore Drive will be restored with new asphalt pavement along with a new asphalt walking path along the lake.

Ulen, MN

A City owned development being built in the North West corner of town. We will bring sewer and water service to 29 new lots, totaling 2500 LF of water main and 2500 LF of sewer main. Fabric/Aggregate Base/ and Asphalt paving will be installed on this project for a portion of the development. The project will be substantially complete this summer with final completion after paving next spring, 2021.

Fertile, MN

Sanitary sewer and water main replacement project that aims to provide the city with a new section of watermain to loop the existing system. This project also provides improvements to the existing sanitary sewer and water system by replacing  the current mains and service lines on several streets in town. To top it off, these streets are receiving new curb and gutter, asphalt pavement, and sidewalk.

Waubun, MN Waste Water SYSTEM

This is a USDA Rural development funded project that consists of sewer and water improvements for the City of Waubun. The project consists of replacing over 21,000 LF of mainline water /9,000 LF of mainline sewer, and over 186 home water and sewer services. Watermain will be replaced by directional boring and open cup installations. We are also making upgrades on the city water tower and pump house with mixer system improvements and control panel upgrades. The roads of Waubun will see significant improvement as we have been removing organic material as we go and replacing it with granular borrow. Project is scheduled to be substantially complete in the fall of 2019.

Glyndon, MN


This project is a complete reconstruction of a mile long section of Parke Ave. Sewer and water services will be replaces, along with installation of a new storm sewer system. Other improvements include sidewalk, a multi-use path, and school crossing signals. This project work is phased to minimize disruption to the public. The project goal is to have the phases that connect to DGF School to HWY 10 complete before school starts in fall of 2019, the full project being complete before winter. The new road will be comprised of Fabric/Drain Tile/24” of Aggregate Base/7”Asphalt.

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